We know our buyers. We know who they are and where they are. Let us send them to your closers.

Welcome to the nation's top converting health insurance lead source! Our experience as some of the nation's Industry leaders allows us to identify trends and create unique approaches to find where the buyers are and connect them right to your closers!

How, When, and Where we market is why our customers are experiencing such low conversion costs and a rapidly growing book of business.

Tired of seeing duplicate records? You'll never find any of our leads anywhere else. 100% of leads we offer are generated by us-our quality speaks for itself! See it for yourself!

Other centers flipping your sales? Our leads are never shared with aggregators or resold by anyone. This means less competition on the leads you buy, and better retention on the plans you sell!We focus on quality before quantity. Put us to the test!

Affordable The cost-per-lead is based upon volume, your filter sets and credits allowed.

Quality We offer the highest quality leads nationwide. We offer fresh data, live phone transfers, and phone verified leads.

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Its not just about lead quality anymore, its about utilizing the right technology to systematically close them.

  • We provide proprietary, customizable lead tracking software which allows our clients to see exactly where their money is working for them.
  • Which rep is not working callbacks & losing you money? What state is most cost efficient? What time of day is best to purchase data? Where are you making the most money? We can help!
  • Want more CA and WI leads? We have you covered! Not only do we provide the hottest leads in the business, our technology can help monetize your call centers and keep your reps happier too! Beat out the competition!
  • Dedicated account manager for your campaign
  • Fixed pricing for most lead types
  • Easy to budget and track costs
  • Fast and free integration for customer CRM / Dialer
  • Quality leads with a proven sales technology
  • You will see results fast!