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that really convert and
grow your business.

Qualified inbound calls transferred directly from our reps to yours. All transfers are vetted for affordability as well as urgency to buy. The bottom line is simple: there is no lead like this out there like ours in the marketplace.

We know exactly how our clients make money; it is our goal to bring you the highest ROI in the industry. We make working with us as simplistic as possible, sending you calls any time and day you want, and will route your leads to any employee and phone number you choose.

Its not just about lead quality anymore, its about utilizing the right technology to systematically close them.

  • Current cost per sale is less than any other qualified LT in the business!
  • Returns accepted for improper transfer and poorly vetted
  • Leads are verified for monthly affordability
  • All customers agree to purchase a plan I'm next 30 days
  • Average closing percentage above 18%!

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