Let our technology take the thinking out of your producers and keep them focused on selling!

Contacting your leads at the right time is critical for achieving low conversion costs. There has to be a method to the madness. The logic behind our proprietary dialer allows you to work your leads and maximize their potential

Infinix Media's dialing technology focuses on the following components: Contact, precision, Consistency, and Reporting. Not always will a lead pick up on the first call attempt; so our custom logic prioritizes your pipeline of data to ensure high contact and boost your agents production. This automated approach has allowed Health Insurance Agencies lower their overall CPA up to 75%. Understanding which leads are giving you the best results is crucial; our customized reporting engine breaks down your sales activity by many different filters. Time to get ahold on where you should be spending your marketing budget.

Take it from the industry leaders:

If you want to know where your money is going, look at your numbers! At Infinix Media, we consider all lead buyers our partners. In order for our partnership to run most effective we need your help! By providing us weekly lead disposition reports, our analytics team will run reports and find out where your sales are coming from. This data will allow us to push more "sales" your way while also eliminating the sources that may be less productive. By doing so, this will tremendously improve your quality, and allowing us to keep things consistent which is one of the most important aspects regarding your sales. No two companies are the same, so help us help you find your sweet spot. This is a service we offer to our lead lead buyers at no additional charge. We will help your team perform at maximum potential, and keep it that way!

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